Event Postponed

***Guest & Revenue Analytics 2016 has been postponed. For more information please email info@hansonwade.com***


With OTAs, non-traditional competitors and an increasingly connected society disrupting traditional revenue strategies, the hospitality industry is urgently utilizing analytics to drive personalized relationships with customers.

From identifying the right data and metrics for each decision to generating guest profiles as part of a segmented marketing campaign, Guest & Revenue Analytics 2016 will reveal how to turn data into improved understanding of customers.

Critically, you will hear how to leverage these data-driven insights to drive more direct bookings, generate ancillary revenue, forecast demand, improve customer experience, optimize pricing and distribution and enhance loyalty of customers.

Uniquely focused on putting analytics at the core of the modern hotelier, this summit is crucial for anyone looking to embrace disruption and truly understand their customers in 2016 and beyond.

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"I think it’s so important as analytics evangelists that we share how to build a data driven culture and how to infuse analytics into business decisions. I’m looking forward to having this debate at Smart Guest Analytics"

Jeremy TerBush, Senior Vice President Analytics, Wyndham Exchange & Rentals

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